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Bakery lines


:: Equipment:

 - Aut. spiral mixel with fixed bowl

 - Aut.spiral mixer with removable bowl

 - Planetary mixer

 - Automatic piston volumetric divider

 - Automatic square diveder

 - Pastry sheeter  TEO500-TEO600/2C

 - Semi-automatic divider ronder

 - Cylinder moulding machine

 - Spiral rounding machine C3000

 - Baguette molding machine BT700

 - Leavenig cells

 - Convection ovens FEV

 - Rotary oven ROTOR

 - Cyclothermic oven POCA

:: Automatic piston volumetric divider V3000


Volumetric piece cutting.
The size of pieces can be adjusted by rotating a handwheel.

Index on a graduate scale shows the weight.

Capacity 15-45 pieces per minute.

Outlet belt conveyor operated by a separate motor.

Sizes: 30-300gr ; 50-600gr ; 80-1000gr ; 150-1200gr



Technical features:




Dimensions  mm 1500x600x1700h
Weight kg 520
Required power kw 1,5

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