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Bakery lines


:: Equipment:

 - Aut. spiral mixel with fixed bowl

 - Aut.spiral mixer with removable bowl

 - Planetary mixer

 - Automatic piston volumetric divider

 - Automatic square diveder

 - Pastry sheeter  TEO500-TEO600/2C

 - Semi-automatic divider ronder

 - Cylinder moulding machine

 - Spiral rounding machine C3000

 - Baguette molding machine BT700

 - Leavenig cells

 - Convection ovens FEV

 - Rotary oven ROTOR

 - Cyclothermic oven POCA

:: Leavening Cells


The LIEV and CELLA proofing boxes, characterized by extremely easy use and installation, permit reliability and versatility of use.

LIEV models are used with cyclothermic and steam ovens, CELLA models are used with Rotor ovens.

Manufactured with modular panels to be suitable for any requirement.

They are furnished with an electronic hygrometer granting an accurate gauging and a prompt start of the steam device.

Equipped with all the electric and mechanical devices to let the operator work in whole safety.

Manufactured in conformity with the regulations of the 89/392 EEC Machines Directive.



Technical features:


Model LIEV 11A LIEV 11B LIEV 11C
Doors n 1 1 1
Trolleys n 1 max1650 1 max.2000 1 max.2450
Dimensions cm. 100x260x230 100x290x230 100x340x230
Power Kw. 6,5 6,5 9,5
Model LIEV 22A LIEV 22B LIEV 22C
Doors n 2 2 2
Trolleys n 2 max. 1650 2 max. 2000 1 max2450
Dimensions cm. 190x260x230 190x290x230 190x340x230
Power Kw. 9,5 9,5 9,5
Model CELLA 8612 CELLA 8622 CELLA 8624
Doors n 1 2 2
Trolleys n 2 2 4
Trays' dimemsions cm. 60x80 60x80 60x80
Dimensions cm. 100x200x230 190x120x230 190x200x230
Power Kw. 6,5 6,5 9

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